“So my Boyfriend and I have s-e-x once a month, it’s not like I don’t like s-e-x” -Lady Narrates


Relationship is interestesing when two people are in love. And fallen in love is one of the best and most beautiful feelings in the world. it cannot be seen or even heard, but can be felt with the heart.”


However, what happens when we discovered the person we genuinely Love and trust has been stabbing us at the back by cheating?

That’s the story of this lady we are about to share with you.

in a viral post on Twitter, the Twitter account @Preshsantos, posted a screenshot of a message sent to her by a lady who want to be left anonymous.

@PreshSantos who call herself Joro of Twitter posted the message screenshot and it read: “So my Boyfriend and I have s-e-x once a month, it’s not like I don’t like s-e-x but I don’t want our relationship to be centered around s-e-x Everytime we meet. I love him very much so I need to set standards for him to see value in me but deep down I crave s-e-x everyday.”

” Recently, I have been seeing this guy, I don’t love him, I don’t see my future with him, so I feel comfortable having s-e-x with him everyday, I don’t mind if he sees me as a whore, I am just using him to satisfy my urge.”

“My boyfriend doesn’t know this, I just want to know if there are girls out there, who sees things from my point of view, so I don’t feel bad about what am doing.”

This message to me just shows how selfish and immature this sender is. She said she loves her man but she needs to set standards.

So having s-e-x with another man aside her lover is standards and great virtue, I can’t imagine how comfortable she could be while having s-e-x with the new guy who isn’t her lover. she said she don’t mind the guy calling her a whore so far he satisfy her sexual urge. that is really extreme and I think this Won’t do her relationship any good.

I don’t think this lady really has a worth, conscience and value, finally I don’t think she has this respect for her guy, because if she does she won’t lay with another man just to satisfy her urge and deprived her lover of what she is getting somewhere else.


I hope she won’t regret this because my believe is sooner or later, the truth will be unraveled and her main boyfriend will get to know all that is hidden.

Let’s look at other reactions from people on Twitter.

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