These photos of BBNaija’s Tacha shows that she has a very attractive and good-looking dentition


One thing you can never take from Tacha is that she is a very beautiful lady, one thing that you have to admit and give to her is that she has evolved from the no-nonsense image people had about her into a very sweet and relatable individual.

Many things are considered beautiful and a good dentition is one. Good dentitions are very attractive and they bring smiles to the faces of people who stare at them and Tacha has got something like that and she looks like she can pass for a toothpaste model

 Dentition is simply the development of teeth and their arrangement in the mouth, this is something that cannot be hidden because as you speak, people will see your dentition unless you are using a nose mask.

 Humans develop two different types of dentitions, the first is the primary dentition which comes with the milk teeth or baby teeth, the second is the permanent dentition which is the secondary or adult teeth.

 A very good percentage of people consider good teeth attractive and some people even look out for it consciously or unconsciouslywhen picking partners. Good dentition has nothing to do with the mouth breath as they are two different things entirely.

 When Tacha smiles, her teeth are very obvious and it is just beautiful to stare at. Tacha doesn’t only have a good dentition, she also has teeth you would consider to be clean and white.


Tacha is facially beautiful, has a very good color, she is endowed and her teeth is another additional factor in her beauty.

Having looked at the photos, wouldn’t you admit that she’s got a very good dentition?


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