These ladies will make people to want to go back to the rural areas. See more pictures (Opinion)

In today’s world order, we have witnessed many people leaving rural areas, opting to go to places like Fourways, Midrand, Cape Town and many other well known places: and the reason why people are going to such place is because life in those places is somewhat more advanced than in rural areas, especially in terms of technology and other niceties. In the cities, people stand a good chance of finding employment, unlike in the rural areas.


In recent years, life has been greatly transformed in the rural areas there’s now a network connectivity and many other small things that people in major cities are enjoying them. Nowadays, people in the outskirts of Limpopo or Eastern Cape can get glimpse of how people in Midrand or Fourways live their lives. And this is all thanks to technology that is now available. Things like social media has made people in the rural areas to well acquainted with South African trending news.

It is no exaggeration to say that, most people left rural areas, because in the rural areas, in the years goneby, people used to work make sure that people eat. Water infrastructure in the rural areas is a new thing, people used to be scarce; and women were particularly walk long distances to fetch water. The government by investing in infrastructure have helped many people in rural areas to running water in their homes. Broadly speaking, in the coming years people are going to leave big citiies to back to the rural areas.

As already alluded above, social media platforms has offered people in the rural areas to be able to post pictures of themselves, doing day to day activities. People in the cities are now seeing that people in the rural areas are no longer having it hard.

It is my believe that these ladies pictures will make people to contemplate the idea of going back to the rural areas. To very considerable extent, the ladies are making it seem like, life in the rural areas in more enjoyable and nice.

These pictures of were taken from various social media platforms:











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