20 Photos Of Endowed Twins Causing Reactions On Social Media


When I was growing up, I have always wondered how a woman could carry two babies, I most times wonder as a kid, it’s recently when I have gotten to a certain stage I realized that God is indeed wonderful, he does his things in a way that surprises human.

Whenever I see twin babies, there is this love I have for them, twins are always blessed, aside from that, I praise their parents and mum especially for raising them cause it’s not easy to raise two sets of twins.

Twins are 2 babies born from one pregnancy, it’s not that common, but it’s not rare, some families are blessed with twins, some triplet, and so on.

There is this love people have for twins, especially identical twins, they have this favor they get from people each time their mum takes them out, I think every twin usually gets this kind of favor undermining if they are identical or not.

Two cute twins on social media, they are using the same Twitter handle on Instagram known as double dose twins has left people talking over their photos Surfaced online.

They are not just beautiful, they are identical and have great taste in fashion, I can’t differentiate between the two, the resemblance is surprising.

I went through their uploads and discovered that they have always been together, there are no photos they took separately, they are always with each other.

These photos show how much love they have for each other, even at their age, this kind of twins will hardly go separate ways as they won’t like to leave each other, they are too used to each other.

Their level of dressing is top-notch, they have great taste in fashion, this is the kind of twins every home pray for, Do you love this and wish to have one someday?

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