Pastor who ‘died’ from heart attack claims he went to hell and saw demons singing Rihanna’s umbrella to torture people (video)

An American pastor, Gerald Johnson, has claimed that he went to hell and saw demons singing Rihanna’s hit song ‘Umbrella’ as they tortured people.

The Michigan priest, who claimed that he temporarily died from a heart attack in 2016, said he heard Rihanna’s song echoing through the gates of hell during his tumultuous visit to purgatory.

Despite living his life as a man of God, Johnson said he was shocked when he didn’t make heaven and instead plummeted down to Hell.

In a video shared on TikTok, Johnson recounted his 2016 journey into abysss and said he wouldn’t wish it on his worst enemy.

People who died

‘I thought I was going upward, because I thought that I had done so much good in this lifetime and helped so many people and made so many decisions that were Godly decisions,’
 he said.

‘But as opposed to me going up, I went down. I went literally into the center of the Earth. That’s where Hell is.’

He said he suffered severe punishments in Hell, including being tortured with demonic renditions of Rihanna’s ‘Umbrella’ and Bobby McFerrin’s ‘Don’t Worry Be Happy’.

‘It just blew me away, it still baffles me to this day,’ Johnson said.

‘There was a section in Hell where music was playing. It was the same music we hear on the Earth, but opposed to entertainers singing it, demons were singing it.

‘While up here, you can listen to music to get over a breakup like ‘Don’t Worry Be Happy’ or ‘Umbrella’, but down there every lyric to every song is to torment you.’

He added that his experience should serve as a warning to those who listen to chart toppers instead of hymns and prayers. He also claimed he saw a man being burned alive.

‘The things that I saw were indescribable, it makes me emotional,‘ he said.

‘His eyes were bulging and worse than that, he was wearing chains on his neck… it was a demon holding the chain.’

Following his resuscitation, the pastor said he now believes secular music is the underworld’s attempt to control people before they die.

‘On Earth, a lot of the lyrics and music are inspired by demons,’ he claimed.

‘People come into contact with demons who give them lyrics for the purpose of controlling people on Earth.’

Speaking further, he explained that the reason he went to hell despite doing a lot of good on earth was because he harbored unforgiveness in his heart against people who offended him.

Watch him speak below,


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