My partner was a Man before he transitioned to a woman now he want to transition back to a Man and I don’t know what to do

An anonymous woman has turned to Reddit to seek advice regarding her girlfriend’s decision to transition.

In her post, she explained that her girlfriend, whom she referred to as “Sarah,” initially transitioned from male to female, a fact she was unaware of until they began dating.

She went on to share her concerns about Sarah expressing dissatisfaction with her body and a desire to revert to her previous identity.

According to her, she doesn’t want her partner to change.

she wrote: “We’ve previously had discussions where they’ve talked about missing their “old” body and appearance but I thought it was maybe about weight gain or clothing style or something. They often show me photos of themself during their transition and talk about how happy they were and confident things like that. I also want to say my partner has a completely supportive family and friend group so they were not forced by anyone to stop their transition and they did so completely willingly.

My partner has emotional breakdowns almost every day regarding their body and appearance and I can’t help but think that maybe this is a hint at wanting to re transition. I think the reason they haven’t outright told me is because we have had talks about it in the past where obviously I identify as a lesbian and wouldn’t invalidate my identity or the identity of my partner by continuing to date a trans man. I’m scared that they are too nervous to tell me because they think I will breakup with them. Anyways I hope this made sense I would really appreciate advice about how to go about this situation and what I could possibly do to help or support my partner.


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