Businesswoman blocks client after receiving N430K, delivers bad goods

A 21-year-old businesswoman who promised to teach a client how to import goods from China delivers old products from her shop after receiving N430K.

A social media user identified as @zee_niq took to the X platform to call out a vendor @reedah_of_dubai who promised to teach her the importation of goods.

Faridah Kehinde

Unfortunately, after receiving a whooping sum of N430K, the businesswoman refused to allow the client to choose their product.

Following the delivery of the said imported goods, the client realized they were old and bad ones, prompting her to request proof of shipping.

How a businesswoman allegedly blocks the client after receiving N430K, delivers bad goods

“Dear Fareedah @reedah_of_dubai, I am still waiting for you to reach out to me so we can settle the transaction that happened between you and
@zee_niq but you’ve not reached out yet.

The handler of @InsideIlorin_NG also reached out to you to hear from you, but you still didn’t give him the honor, instead you told @InsideIlorin_NG that you don’t have anything to say to anyone that the girl should go and do her worst.

Businesswoman allegedly blocks client after receiving N430K, delivers bad goods

This girl sent you wooping sum of 450k (350k to import goods for her from China, 80k to clear the good and 20k to learn how to import goods by herself). After payment she asked you if she can select the goods she want by herself, you told her that you know the best thing to pick for her that she should not worry, she trusted you enough to let you pick for her, she later asked you to show her what you picked for her, but you keep coming up with excuses, this girl never saw what she paid 430k for until the said good get to her, only for her to see old peeled bags and low quality jeans. If not that you have hidden agenda, you no let her pick what she want, you also didn’t show her what you help her pick until the package arrive…why?

She’s not even fighting with you, she only asked you that if you truly order those things from China, you should send receipt to affirm your claim, you’ve refused to send receipt, and you even blocked her, why will you blocked a customer that sent you 430k for goods and want you to account for the goods?

When she brought the matter to Twitter, you now call her and give phone to your mom to bully and silent the girl, remember one time you were called out for something like this around 2022 or so, it’s this same your mom that wanted to bully and silent the girl you cheated that time too.

Now Faree, information and fact are available that you never order all of those things from China, most of the bags you sent to this girl were old goods in your shop that you couldn’t sell, and those jeans?

Me and you know where you order them babe, but I am still giving you benefit of doubt, Fareedah please reach out to me so we can settle this amicably or come online to deny all of these things with your own side of the story and fact, what we’re asking is not even much, a refund or receipt issue to you by the China company to confirm that all of those goods were ordered from China, it’s that easy.

We are not fighting with you yet, cos I know that’s what you want, you want fight and noise so everything can be scattered and be dusted under the carpet, but we won’t go that way my dear, let us settle this thing amicably, tori Olohun, aku oungbẹ, may Allah accept it from us.

Oshey my dear, I’ll be expecting to hear from you.”

Faridah Kehinde


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