I don’t date broke guys, My boyfriend is 70yrs and when he gives me his credit card I spend $100k on shopping

Chloe Amour, a model who’s well-known for dating older men, recently shared that she uses her boyfriend’s credit card for shopping and spend a sum of $100k.

According to her, She first met her current 70-year-old boyfriend at a restaurant in Las Vegas before they started dating.

She also explained that she wouldn’t consider dating someone who earns around $206k a year, indicating aher preference for older and wealthier partners.

Chloe explained that she’s had bad experiences dating younger men in the past, finding them financially unstable and unable to support her lifestyle.

“People may wrongly think you’re a gold digger or even think it’s gross or weird. Just do you. If you’re happy, then nothing else matters.” she said in a part

Talking about her relationship with one of her exes who was 43yrs older than her, she said: “My closest friends were accepting and supportive when we got together, but strangers would give us looks. We first met in a restaurant in Las Vegas, where we both lived at the time.

“He came to say hello before leaving. He paid for my dinner and we exchanged contact details. The same weekend we met, he took me on a shopping spree too.”

“When our relationship became serious, he added me to his black Mastercard account that has a $100,000 credit limit. We eventually broke up after being on and off for four years because I realised I didn’t want the same things anymore. But age wasn’t a factor in the breakup.”

“My love languages are quality time, receiving gifts, acts of service, words of affirmation and physical touch. I feel appreciated when someone gives me flowers or Chanel.

“I won’t date a guy who makes less than me either, I’m not a sugar mama.”

One of Chloe’s former lovers even got a private jet “for just the two of us”.

Speaking about loving someone that is older than the other, she said: “I believe people should date who they want as long as it’s between consenting adults of legal age. I don’t think age gaps should be a factor. But as the old saying goes, you can’t teach an old dog new tricks.”


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