My husband bedwet all the time and I’m tired of convincing him to wear diapers

A lady has taken to social media to seek advice about her husband who bedwets.

In a post on Quora, she asked for guidance on how long she should tolerate the situation, as she has repeatedly asked him to wear diapers, but he refuses.

She wrote: ” How many times should you tolerate your spouse wetting the bed before you tell them they need Pampers? My husband won’t wear them, but I already do, so I don’t see why this is an issue.”

This got lots of reactions as a user wrote: “First of all . . . he is not “wetting the bed” — He has an incontinence problem and that is a symptom of a medical condition for which he should see a doctor.

Second . . .they are not Pamper — the product you are thinking of is brand named “Depends” but there are a variety of brands.

If you refer to this medical problem using the words you did here your husband will feel insulted and demeaned; I hope that are not your true feelings about him. If you shame him, he will be less likely to get medical help.

HOWEVER, if you treat is like a medical problem, tell him you are worried about his health, and encourage him to see a doctor (a urologist is the specialty) then he will feel better about you and seek help.

Incontinence is not unusual . . though with age, it is more common in women than men. Since you are wearing protection, I assume you are having incontenance issues of your own.

PS: You don’t get the mattress shrink wrapped; they make water proof mattress pads and small disposable mattress protectors that can be under him when he sleeps.”


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