“Time to make Money” —Checkout various ways to grow your Facebook page to thousands of followers and qualify for monetization in Nigeria (Read)

Content creation on Facebook is challenging, but with the right knowledge, one can grow and become one of the best.

Now that Facebook has approved monetization for Nigerians, many people are motivated to begin creating content on the platform.

However, Facebook has strict criteria that creators must meet before they can qualify to use the various monetization tools and earn money.

Apart from residing in an eligible country, each of the monetization tools on Facebook has additional requirements that creators must fulfill.

For instance, the monetisation criteria for in-stream ads are;

  • You reside in an eligible country
  • Follow Facebook’s content monetisation policies
  • Have a minimum of 5000 followers
  • Share at least five eligible videos
  • Amass 60,000 minutes of views on your videos.

The criteria for other monetization tools are similar, but it largely boils down to how effectively you can grow your page while adhering to Facebook’s guidelines.

Growing a Facebook page in Nigeria

Many individuals often wonder about the methods popular content creators used to grow their pages to millions of followers. Aspiring content creators may struggle to understand how to effectively grow their pages and qualify for monetization in Nigeria.

This article outlines straightforward steps to follow if you aim to expand your Facebook page to thousands of followers and become eligible for monetization in Nigeria.

Posting original content

To grow your Facebook page and qualify for monetization, one effective strategy is to post content that you have originally created. Facebook discourages copying and pasting content without adding originality or value. It’s important to refrain from lifting videos, texts, or photos from other pages and reposting them as your own. Posting original content establishes you as an authentic creator and enhances your chances of recognition.

Facebook says that it frowns at; “Content that is associated with low-quality publishing, such as unoriginal content that is largely repurposed from another source without adding material value.”

Keep your page recommendable

Facebook itself recommends pages to new and existing users on the platform. However, for a page to be recommended and pushed up by the Facebook algorithm, it must first be deemed recommendable based on various factors.

Facebook said; “We make personalized recommendations to the people who use our services to help them discover new communities and content. Some entities might have limited or no access to features that encourage engagement, and might not be as widely recommended on Facebook as other entities. Our goal is to make recommendations that are relevant and valuable to each person who sees them.”

Violating Facebook rules can result in your page being removed, and it won’t be recommended for others to follow.

Post consistently

Creating content is a serious endeavor, and consistency is key to growing a Facebook page. This involves posting valuable content regularly. If you fail to consistently deliver valuable content, you may not be taken seriously.

Consistently posting increases your reach and enhances the likelihood of people seeing your content.

Facebook said; “Businesses that typically have the highest reach post on a daily or regular basis. Your audience typically uses Facebook and Instagram on a regular basis, so posting more often increases the likelihood that they will see content from your business when they are on Meta technologies. When you post consistently, it also keeps your audience engaged and can help you increase your audience over time.”

Follow Facebook community rules

As a content creator aiming to grow and qualify for Facebook monetization, it is crucial to adhere to all community standards.

It’s important to thoroughly study the rules and regulations regarding what content to post and what not to post on Facebook to avoid violating their guidelines.

To maintain eligibility for Facebook’s monetization program, it’s crucial to avoid posting obscene content, copyrighted material without permission, and any other content that violates Facebook’s rules. Repeated violations can result in removal from the program.

Facebook says;

“We want to make sure that the content people see on Facebook is authentic. We believe that authenticity creates a better environment for sharing, and that’s why we don’t want people using Facebook to misrepresent who they are or what they’re doing.

Post when your audience is online

If you aim to qualify your page for content monetization in Nigeria, it’s essential to understand the best times to post in order to maximize engagement.

It’s important to study your Facebook engagement insights to determine when your posts receive the most engagement. By identifying these peak times, you can schedule your posts accordingly to reach your audience effectively.

According to Facebook; “Sharing content when your audience is online is key to higher page engagement. Once you understand more about when your audience is most active, you can establish a posting schedule or you can schedule your posts if you’re unavailable to publish them manually.”

Create Valubale content

If you must grow your page and qualify for Facebook monetisation in Nigeria, the content you post must be top-notch. Facebook users often don’t engage with content that does not inspire them or that adds no value to their lives.

Facebook states; “Make sure you post content your audience wants to see. Your reach is driven by how much your audience values the content you post. This is based on positive interactions and engagement with the content you post.”

“Make sure you post content your audience wants to see. Your reach is driven by how much your audience values the content you post. This is based on positive interactions and engagement with the content you post.”

How to qualify for Facebook monetisation

Speaking to about how he grew his page to over 220k followers, Praise Chidera Obiora, a storyteller, emphasized that it requires a significant amount of effort and dedication.

He advised aspiring creators to read and thoroughly understand the Facebook community rules so they can adhere to them and qualify their pages for monetization.

His words: “”Now that Nigerians are eligible for monetization, read and understand Facebook’s monetization policy before creating content. Ensure you comply with the guidelines to avoid demonetization, which many may face due to unawareness of the policies.

“Create meaningful content that educates, entertains, and motivates. Let’s use our content to uplift and inspire each other, rather than spreading hate or causing harm to society.”

On his part, Frank Okoligan who has over 50k followers said content must stand out if one desires to grow.

“Growing a Facebook page is quite easier when you post what your audience desires to read or view. You can also draw them closer through giveaways. Let them have a reason to check your page every day. Let your content stand out and be unique.”

Social media company Meta has announced that content creators from Nigeria and Ghana can now start earning money on Facebook, beginning from Monday, July 1, 2024. The company has rolled out two monetization features: In-Stream Ads on Facebook and Facebook Ads on Reels. These features enable creators to earn income by producing original videos and fostering community engagement.


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